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    Civil and industrial water treatment

    Chimitex produces and markets specific formulations for water treatment and depuration.

    Chimitex has set up a specific division dedicated to water treatment. Our expert team is able to design specific formulations for any civil and industrial depuration or purification need, for the protection of the water resources of the territory.

    Ferric Chloride stands out amongst our flagship products. Our high quality Ferric Chloride is entirely produced in our plant.

    Chimitex products for civil and industrial water treatment and depuration


    • Ferric Chloride
    • Ferrous Chloride
    • Ferrous Sulfate
    • Aluminium Polichloride
    • Aluminium Sulfate
    • Sodium Aluminate
    • Iron and Aluminium Salts Formulations
    • Anionic and Cationic Polyelectrolytes, powder and emulsions
    • Polyamines

    Coagulants and flocculants are used in the treatment of waste waters in order to facilitate or enable the precipitation of the suspended matter. Coagulants enable the separation and precipitation of the colloids suspended in the water; if this process takes too long, flocculants (or coagulation adjuvants) destabilize furtherly the colloidal particles and promote the agglomeration, so that the precipitation process is facilitated.

    Antifoam agents: silicone-, non silicone-, oil based

    Antifoam agents are used to remove the foams generated in the waters used in the industrial processes, because of the saturation of degreasers and detergents. The antifoam agent destabilizes the slats which cover the gas bubbles, enabling the following aggregation and removal.

    pH Regulators: Caustic Soda – Hydrochloric acid – Sulfuric acid

    The aim of pH regulators is to keep the acidity of water at a level which does not allow the proliferation of microorganisms, so that the clearness is maintained.

    Activated Carbons: powder and granular

    Activated carbons can be used both for the treatment of drinking water and the depuration of industrial process and waste waters. Activated carbons can remove smells and tastes and retain chemicals, hydrocarbon and surfactants, since they absorb all the chemicals suspended in water.

    Oxidizers: Hydrogen Peroxide and Potassium Permanganate

    Oxiders remove the metallic elements and organic substances suspended in the water.


    Nutrients are chemical additives for waste waters, which allow the proliferation of the bacteria

    which feed off contaminants.

    Please contact us today for information, explanations, or quotations for the sale and delivery of our chemicals for waters treatment and depuration!


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