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Logo & Brand

The goal was to build a strong visual identity for the new product line, focusing in particular on the food and nutrition sector.

The logo for this new division, through its forms, must convey a sense of naturalness, with the aim of identifying all those vertical raw materials in these sectors.

Concept starts from the definition of 3 basical concept: food molecules, action as dinamicity synthom, company flexibility and customer focus plus N as initial letter of the Brand.

The selection of colours was identified in order to catch the cromatical characteristics of some products and transmit the naturality sense of the interested lines.

The pictogram choice was thought in order to transfer a concepts series fundamental to identify the brand and to differentiate Nutrytex from competitors.

A particolar attention was reserved to the geometry and the proportions.

lso the choice of the font was studied in order to transmit modernity and a curvy movement. Cera Pro is a modern sans serif font designed by Jacub Runge between 2013 and 2015. It is inspired by pure geometry and it has an elegant aspect that is added to a high readability.


Chimitex S.p.A.

Via A. Vespucci n. 8
21054 Fagnano Olona (Varese)

Phone: 0331.613911



CHIMITEX S.p.A. is a company dedicated to the production, processing and distribution of a wide range of chemicals for various market sectors.

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